OTG Boss F-100 Is The Reddest& Baddest Ford F-100 Ever Built

OTG Design turned this old 1973 F-100 pickup into a mean, jaw-dropping Boss 302 inspired custom truck.

They bring us the Reddest & Baddest Ford F-100 ever built. According to the company, it all began humbly with a $2,500 pickup rescued from a field. Today, it’s quite the showstopper.

The Coyote motor screams almost as loud as its brilliant paint job. “Boss” barely begins to describe how commanding this truck is. Laid out with AccuAir’s e-Level or screaming down the highway, this F-100 turns heads with ease.

The OTG designs custom built Ford F100 packs a 5.0 liter Coyote V8 engine that churns out more than 620 hp. That’s what you’d call, a lot. The engine is fed by a supercharger from Vortech and is connected to a 4r70 W transmission system from Performance Automatic.

Once you see the ridiculously large wheel and tire sizes that this thing has managed to tuck beneath its body, you’ll realize this truck takes ‘stance’ to next to the level. The bagged chassis has been worked to accommodate wheels measuring 22×9-inch in the front and 24×14-inch in the rear with 405-width tires. Unbelievable!

To ensure that the driver has control of this monster truck at all times it is fitted with 14-inch brakes from Wilwood.

Inside it’s a different story. The custom interior has a decidedly-vintage theme, with both the seats and headliner taking inspiration from the patterns used in classic Mustangs. The Boss F-100 goes dark with a stunning combination of black leather, suede, and a black dashboard, bringing a nice contrast to the otherwise vibrant exterior.

Check out this cool video to see more of the Boss F-100 truck.

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