One Of A Kind Custom 1930 Model A “Durty 30”

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There are as many different style of hot rods as there are people who own hot rods. 1930s Fords have always been popular choices and you just never know what you will see when one is done.

This one takes the idea of hot rodding to the extreme. With huge 26 inch wheels, and low profile tires, Ostrich for the roof panel and nearly every piece of the car custom.

Meet the all steel Model A Roadster “Durty 30”.

Graham and Joel Cannon, father/son team are behind this incredible build. This father/son building duo hail from Canada and Joel owns and operates his own body shop Collision Solutions in Okotoks, Alberta Canada. And it goes without saying, these boys know their hot rods. With intensions of building a ratrod, the Cannon’s started “Durty 30” with a junkyard Model A, a ’40 Chevy hood and a ’41 Hudson Terraplane grille.

Here are some of the “Durty”details. “Durty 30” has a LS2 power plant with a Vortech Supercharger capable of putting out 600 rear wheel horsepower. This isn’t speculation either, this beauty once wore slicks and is a 10 second street car. According to Joel, “when you put that kind of time into a ride you have to get out and enjoy it.”

Want more? How about the Indy Car – esque push rod front suspension, suicide doors, original ’32 rails, 13in Wilwood brakes, 6 speed 6L80 transmission. The bronze wheels are an interesting touch, as the hardwood floor inside of the car too.

To contrast that smooth shell “Durty 30” is capped with a custom ostrich skin roof, a stunning and perfect contrast.

It’s a real show stopper. Check it out!

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