How Not To Load a Ford F-350 on a Trailer

There are so many things that this video of a Ford F-350 loading fail can teach us.

Let this video serve as a warning to always think things through because the people loading this truck clearly did not!

There are so many things wrong with this situation. First thing’s first, the ramps aren’t even at the correct angle to load the truck, so total failure was inevitable. Then there’s the fact that the trailer doesn’t have any wheel chocks to keep it from moving. You know as soon as he hits it, it’s going to roll.

So everything happens that you would expect would. The truck has a wonky trip up the ramps and is then skewered by them when the trailer rolls forward. People like to cut corners. It’s just a fact of life.

how not to load a Ford F-350 dually on a trailer
The lesson to be learned? The first rule of loading a large vehicle on a trailer: Engage the tow vehicle’s parking brake. And if you’ve never done something like this before, get some advice or have somebody go with you and help.

Trailer AND ramps must be on the same plane. Here, the ramps were about 6″ higher due to the slope. If trailer and ramps were level this would not have happened. Or if trailer and ramps had both been on the same angle of a slope this would not have happened. Also, driving on at a very, very slow crawl would have allowed a spotter to yell “stop” as soon as the ramps began to lift off the ground. No need for speed, this truck has enough power to practically climb up a wall.

Hey, look on the positive side, guys, at least this served as a nice little learning process, or at least it should have.

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