This is Not How You Imagine the Tires in the Future: Here’s what Goodyear Suggests!

The automotive industry is constantly in search for new solutions and technologies that will be practically used in the future. So,  Goodyear came up with spherical tires called Eagle-360 which are a real revolution in the industry of tires for vehicles.

The basic concept of car tires hasn’t been changed over the past 100 years since the roads became filled with vehicles that move on rubber tires applied on the wheels.

It is true that the technology made a significant improvement since then, so now during the process of construction they pay attention even to the smallest details, they make sure that the tires are suitable for certain types of vehicles, for the way of driving or the climate conditions in certain periods of the year. Now, they even install sensors in the tires that monitor the pressure and warn the driver if there is discharge of the air during the driving.

The Future Tire by Goodyear
However, the basic structure of the tires and the way of connecting them to the axis of the car are not substantially changed.

Goodyear believes that the car tire in the future will look completely different – it will have a shape of a ball and thus it will be an excellent substitute for the conventional wheel. Instead of mechanical connection with the axis of the car, the tires of the vehicle will be connected by a magnetic field, so the car will practically levitate. In this way, the driving will be significantly more comfortable for the passengers.

According to the idea of the engineers in the company Goodyear, these intelligent spherical rubber tires would be used mainly for self-steering cars and they say that there are many benefits compared to the conventional tires.

These tires will adapt to all weather conditions (dry asphalt, rain, snow …), the vehicles will be safer because the tires will prevent the side movement in curves, and the parking will be easier given that the wheels in the shape of a ball can easily change the direction during the rotation.
Look how do these futuristic tires work:

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