Nightmarish Ford Roadster “The Defibrillator”

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This unique and slightly macabre hot rod was built by the late Bob Biehler at Mr. Weld Hot Rods and has been dubbed “The Defibrillator”.

Nightmarish Ford Roadster 'The Defibrillator'
All of the major components of this rod are handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind, including the frame, unique suspension, exhaust system, skull air intake, and even the rear tires.

It is powered by a 1957 Chrysler ‘Fire Power’ 392 Hemi with dual-quads on top of a custom built high-rise manifold. The original 1957 392 cubic inch Hemi boosts 380+ horsepower and 420 foot-pounds of torque.

1934 Ford Roadster 'The Defibrillator' left front side
The skull is not only for aesthetic purposes but is actually part of the Nitrous Oxide system which blows in through the Skull’s nose. The eyes have 2 fully functioning butterfly valves which are for the air intake.

Bob said “I have been building hot rods for a long time and this has to be the funniest thing I’ve ever done. Hope you like it.”

Ford Roadster 'The Defibrillator'
Bob stole his wife’s Chinese wok that she cooked that rice stuff in to start building the skull – thankfully he didn’t get into too much trouble!

1934 Ford dubbed Defibrillator with skull made from chinese wok
At the back, there are massive special order 38″ tires, shaved, hand-scuffed, slicks constructed from Semi tires to get all that power to the road.

1934 Ford Roadster 'The Defibrillator' rear end
The body started as an all-steel 1934 5-window Ford which was then extensively modified to produce the car you see now. The body has been chopped, channeled, tubbed, shaved, and shortened to create the radical ride you see before you.

Inside you can find a ’32 dash with Stewart Warner gauges, while the radiator, NOS, battery, gas tank, and Jose Cuervo coolant overflow bottle are located in the trunk.

1934 Ford Roadster 'The Defibrillator' interior

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