New Ford Bronco: Truth or Fiction?

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To date, all information about a next-generation Ford Bronco revival have been a collection of balled up rumors, conjecture, unnamed sources and even outright hoaxes.
We’ve been hearing rumors that Ford will put the Bronco and Ranger back into production, but it seems those might not be rumors anymore.

Bill Johnson, chairman of UAW (United Auto Workers) just provided the first direct confirmation that Ford Motor Company will in fact be reviving the Ford Bronco and it will be produced at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.

Johnson fired back in remarks to the press: “We hate to see the products go to Mexico, but with the Ranger and the Bronco coming to Michigan Assembly that absolutely secures the future for our people a lot more than the Focus does.


All of the interpretations on the 2017 Bronco SVT concepts have exposed how trendy of a motor vehicle the Ford Bronco can be. The combination of Ford and SVT with the Raptor results in the Ford Bronco platform and buyers will get one efficient two-door, off-road sport utility vehicle. Everybody feel affection for the new Bronco and Raptor in addition to a few 2017 Ford Bronco pictures renderings which are shown on the Internet.

Note: The above pictures are not official.

The Ford concept SUV is such an admired truck that performance shops are reviving these old and weary new Bronco with the Raptor Engine, framework and internal conversion or Terminator Mustang engines. There are even shops constructing custom Ford Broncos and Excursions by making use of brand new 2014-15 Ford F-250 or Ford F350 Pickups.


The external details about 2017 Ford Bronco raptor, another much-loved and storied brand from the recent past of Ford, are not as clear. Traditionally constructed on the similar chassis as that of the F-150 pickup, the earlier, full-size Bronco bent out in 1996, its full-size, double-door configuration was outmoded by the Expedition on one side and the Explorer on the other. The 2017 model Bronco will be more frivolous in weight and for this intention, light material will be employed in constructing its body. This feature makes it an inexpensive vehicle that will eat less fuel.

Grille shutters are also included in the vehicle that will improve its external beauty. The external part of the 2017 Bronco is provided with an aggressive look with a boxy form. The size of new vehicle is not excessively large, but it features a medium one. Ford has taken all efforts to offer it a trendy outside look by not endeavoring to append a lot of contemporary and novel things in it.

Headlamps boast a border of squared shape and lights are round. The position of headlamps is in such a way that they offer the vehicle an around look. Besides this, there is a grille that is designed with three grids, and there are also rectangular-shaped side mirrors, which are fairly strong and big. There is a pair of cloud lights and a solitary exhaust pipe, as well. The new vehicle would come with a ground clearance of 11.5 inches to 12 inches to make it an ideal vehicle for all types of terrains.

Here’s an exciting idea proposed by automotive journalist Chad Kirchner for a Bronco GT Supertruck.


Besides frivolous chassis, the inside is introduced with the most modern start and stop system. The new vehicle comes with a cabin, which is more spacious that that of its predecessor, offering adequate sitting space to five adult travelers. It also comes with more cargo space and will be equipped with the latest model of navigation system and an infotainment system, which will be catered by a big-size touch screen.

The new Ford Bronco 2017 raptor cabin of the vehicle is designed by keeping safety and comfort of the occupants in mind.
Whether the inside features will be developed now or in near future will depend on the automaker. At present, Ford has made some minor changes in its interior elements, such as dashboard, which will be mounted with the latest high-tech equipment. Premium materials will be used to cover all premium seats to offer better comfort to the occupants.


The sport utility vehicle is a commanding vehicle with three engine options. One of the 2017 Ford Bronco engine options includes a V8 twin turbo engine with the capacity of 5.0 liters that will generate 365 HP of and 420 lb feet of torque.
In addition, there will be two engines. The first engine will be a V6 turbocharged mill with the capacity of 4.7 liters with six cylinders to generate the maximum power of 330 HP and a maximum twist of 645 lb feet.

The next engine is much sturdier and it will be incorporated in the high models of Bronco succession. Moreover an optional mill with the capacity of 5.8 liters will also be introduced that will generate 662 horsepower and 631 lb feet torque.
A six-rate computerized transmission with the specification 6R 140 will be mated to these engines.

For now, it’s simply a matter of wishing, hoping, waiting and guessing – and the guessing is almost as much fun as the driving should eventually be.

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