Meet The “Swamp Shark”, Monstrous 550 Hp Corvette Powered Shallow Water Boat

Shallow water mud boats aren’t exactly known for their record breaking speed. The Swamp Shark is here to completely change that.

The “Swamp Shark Drive,” a new propulsion system engineered and built for extreme shallow water, has been unveiled by Louisiana boatbuilder Metal Shark. They specialize in custom fabrication of, you guessed it, metal boats. But not just any metal boats, they build metal boats that kick ass! However, the most notable of their products is the Swamp Shark Drive.

An entirely new system using patented technology, the Swamp Shark is designed to reliably propel vessels through dense vegetation, mud, and debris-laden water, and riverine and mud flat environments.

The propulsion system offers the power of an airboat with the precision of an outboard, all without getting hung up on vegetation.

Here’s how their patented rebound propulsion system works:
The patented Rebound System, which consists of actuators inside and outside of the vessel, allows the Swamp Shark drive to smoothly and automatically adapt to conditions. When the drive impacts a solid object, such as a log, stump, or other submerged hazard, it swiftly and smoothly “kicks up” so that the propeller will not be impacted (the leading edge of the skeg features a special radius designed to facilitate quick and smooth passage over any objects it encounters). The Rebound System then exerts reverse pressure to instantaneously return the drive to its normal trim position as soon as the object has been cleared.

Current swamp shark configurations work with up to 550 propshaft horsepower and 1,250 lb-ft of torque. It’s available in several sizes and can fit a variety of gas and diesel-powered vessels. However, the boat in the video is powered by an LS, which is obviously our preferred combination and sounds fantastic barking through the Louisiana swamp.

Metal Shark makes one badass boat, check out the video below!

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