Meet “The Crocodile” Green Monster

Inspired by race cars from the 1930s, built on a Scania with the front from a snow blower and the exhaust pipe from an aircraft, this green “Crocodile” monster attracted a lot of attention.

The Crocodile truck
If you are unfamiliar with Scania, they are a major Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer.

It appears that Arne Linding and his friends thought about every single detail while designing their “Crocodile.”  “It is a plow truck and a snow thrower that we built together”, says Arne Linding, where he sits in the somewhat overgrown creation.

The Crocodile truck front end
He named it “The Crocodile”, after the snow blower from which it was built. The vehicle weighs six tons and is registered as a tractor. It has taken Arne 1,300 working hours to build the car.

The Crocodile truck Arne Linding
Why do you do something like he was asked. “I was asked by a German newspaper once and answered because I can. It’s a little fun to do something that no one else has”, says Arne. “Building vehicles makes life worth living,” he added.

The Crocodile truck right side
You know you made something special when a vehicle draws attention from people who are uninterested in cars and the “Crocodile” does just that!

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