Meet The Creature Craft, An Impossible To Capsize Inflatable Boat For More Fun, And Safer Way Of Whitewater Rafting

You can finally float the river and worry about literally nothing. Meet the Creature Craft, the world’s first unflippable, an impossible to capsize inflatable boat.

A Creature Crafts are made in Colorado, USA for extreme whitewater and rescue, also fun on your local day stretch or multi-day adventure.
Invented by Darren Vancil, the Creafture Craft is an unflippable raft that, ok, ok, CAN flip, but will never STAY flipped – it’s basically a self-righting inflatable vessel that provides an extra bit of safety for whitewater rafters. He was inspired by watching a documentary of Russian whitewater enthusiasts navigating Siberian Rivers in hand built rafts called “Bublik”.  However, the agile and simple boat appeared to have steering difficulties that could be improved upon.  Combining the Bublik with a cataraft, Darren started to yield interesting results his experiments lead to a patented self-righting raft design, christened Creature Craft.

From triangular design keeps it from landing upside down. The roll cage structure flips it. Just like a dune buggy.
Riders are strapped into the Creature Craft but they have an easy-release system, just in case.

Custom built at the Creature Craft facility in Grand Junction, CO, these rafts feature a roll cage design that:

  • aides in protection from rocks, rapids, and other obsticles,
  • keeps you upright even after sending it down 50ft waterfalls, and
  • forever puts a stop to that one dude who always tries to flip your raft when you’re casually floating down the river with a sixer of cold ones.

The raddest part though? The Creature Craft accelerates the learning curve for how to handle whitewater rapids – after gettting some lessons on basic craft control you’ll soon be able to do back-flips, barrel rolls, endos, pirouettes, and triple lutz salchows.

With Creature Crafts even YOU can now take on Class 5 rapids. The perfect ride for your next adventure!
Watch the video below.

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