Meet The Black Pearl – A Shining Dodge Ram

When we talk about a Dodge Ram dually truck, we usually talk about the lifted monstrous beast that looks mean.

But not this one. It’s bagged, bodied, blacked out, with green headlights and wicked front rims with the spike lugs that would make everybody envious!

he Black Pearl blacked out bagged Dodge Ram
This black Dodge Ram dually truck is called “The Black Pearl”, and the owner of this truck is Branded “Crogy” Croghan. After you watch this video you will know why this Dodge Ram is called “The Black Pearl”. The truck is really beautiful, just like a black pearl. It shines with hypnotizing charisma.

We know that you will enjoy watching this amazing video that was filmed by cinematographers and photographers at Low Down Labs – founded in Omaha in Nebraska. They made an amazing footage with many shots of the Dodge Ram.

bagged Dodge Ram the Black Pearl
Unfortunately, they didn’t give us any information about the truck, but you can tell by the video that this is one gorgeous powerful machine.

Click the video below and enjoy!

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