McLaren 570GT Is a Supercar with GT Leanings for Daily Drive

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Let’s be honest, no supercar is ever going to be the most comfortable thing in the world. They can be noisy on the road, the seats can do you back, can be bumpy at low speed and they can be hard to see out of. However, with the 570GT McLaren is dialing up the comfort.
Same story, different ending.

McLaren have been going from strength to strength of late, way back in 2010 the 12C brought road cars back to the fore. No longer were they a one trick pony, resigned to the history books.
Fast forward 6 years and oh how the times have changed. They now have three very distinct segments in place, Sports, Super and Ultimate.
The newest member of the family is the 570, a first step into the world of McLaren. You can own an entry level 540C model for $165K – that’s 911 Turbo money.

But if you were looking for a daily driver in that price range you would’ve been left wanting. After all, the 570S is a full blown sports car. A GT car it isn’t.

McLaren 570S is a stunner. It’s low, mean and those flying buttresses are the epitome of a supercar. How could this ever be improved upon for its bigger brother?!
Well, a complete redesign from the B pillar back, near enough. This is where the GT moniker comes into play.

Enter stage left, the 570GT. The GT is aimed at buyers who will be purchasing a McLaren as their main car, rather than a weekend toy.

From the front the two will look pretty much identical. Side on however the GT has a slightly higher roof line giving the cabin an airier feel – also aided by a fixed glass roof.

Most importantly though there is now a glass rear hatchback, incorporated into a totally re-sculpted rear end.
A leather lined touring deck gives an additional 220 litres of stowage space adding to the 150 litres up front. This gives the 570GT as much luggage capacity as a Ford Focus.

The McLaren 570GT retails from $199,850 in the U.S., which makes it the most important member of the Sports Series lineup to date. For reference, the 570S is priced from $184,900.
There’s no word as to whether McLaren will offer a less expensive 540GT version, but if that happens, don’t get your hopes up on getting it here in the U.S.

Now if anyone can donate $200K I would be most grateful.

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