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If you are an adventurer and love to explore places, you should consider buying a helmet camera.

Like the dash cams on dashboard, helmet cameras are placed on top of your helmets. They capture your movements directly, which you can share with your family and friends later.
It must be enthusiastic to know that you have explored and ridden extraordinary challenges. However, if the people around you do not believe you, don’t let them overpower your enthusiasm. As now, you have the option of recording all the places and proving them wrong!

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You can only boast about your exploration if you have chosen one of the best helmet cameras. If they are not good video quality, then there is no purpose of recording for your achievements collection. Before buying one, you should research their most prominent features. Additionally, now that you have spent the money and time then you better ensure the camera is vigilant and effective in recording!

Some of the primary key features are mentioned below. It would be best if you cut them off your list by reading one by one. In the end, you will have a fantastic experience with an impressive camera:

Apart from the weight of the helmet now you have to add a camera as well. So, it should be a lightweight one that does not drag your helmets down. Additional weight can sometimes cause adverse health effects. Helmets are engineered merrily, so they serve their purpose of security without the weight problem.

In the same manner, many cameras are also being manufactured with this crucial feature. They counterbalance the weight between themselves and the helmet. Constant pressure from a heavy camera can cause severe headache within a few minutes of wearing it.

Compatible size:
An ideal helmet camera would be one-fifth of the upper surface of the helmet. They should not be too big to handle and neither too small that the recording purpose is interrupted. Cameras are to be situated at the top or sides of the helmet. Now, if they are too big, they will distract you from your ride. Helmets are designed with a balance of forces from all sides. A heavy camera on one side will interfere in your projection. Compatible cameras, on the other hand, act as a helping tool.

Weather and terrains can be unpredictable sometimes. Mostly the weather part is 100% true. Imagine that you are making the hike of your life, and you have complete trust on the camera. It is raining, and you manage to perform a successful stunt. You want to save the video immediately so you can show it to your kids later. As soon as you check the camera, you realize the screen has long blackened out. The waterwork destroyed the internal system.

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Fortunately for you, you can prevent the whole scenario by buying a waterproof camera. There is a verity of waterproof cameras available that are resistant to up to different depths and time duration in water.

Resolution of the lens:
Now comes the actual prominent feature for which you are pursuing the helmet cameras. Firstly, a helmet camera with high resolution is comparatively a new technology do it can get expensive.

Answer up to 4k Ultra-HD is available in the market. If you are looking at considerable prices, then HD quality of 720p to 1080p is available. It is the standard that is present amongst almost all the helmet cameras. High resolution cameras are good in capturing pictures with minor details and good color quality.

Storage space:
Even in the resolution, you can find the difference in the storage space of cameras. You do not want to go on long hikes for the camera to end up dead in the documentary’s middle. Carefully choose and check the space cameras provide. Storage is also linked to the battery, frame per minute, and time of your journey. Frame per minute is the slow motion of your videos and snapping pictures at sudden movements. Fps can take a large part of storage. Apart from that, cameras with high storage space are available at variable prices.

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The camera should record a complete angle image with sharp quality. The difference in money makes reflected in the durability of cameras. If you wonder why some are very expensive, it is because of the differences in high definition image and multiple functionalities. A durable camera will withstand all types of turbulences without a negative impact on the video. You don’t need to always cycle through smooth terrains. So instead of buying separate cameras, buy a durable one! Some cameras show impressive resistance at reasonable prices.

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