It Looks Like an Accident, But This is How Captains Unloads Timber Ships in Canada

Full loaded barge that carries wood trunks is ready to unload them DIRECTLY into the river… guess what… the unloading process is successful!

Unloading a ship full of timber typically takes a long time because you can only hoist so much lumber off with each load. But those clever Canadians have found a way to bypass this time-consuming process.
While this may look like an accident, there’s no faster way to unload literal tons of timber from a ship! Coming into harbor, the ships look massively overloaded, but that’s on purpose. Instead of using a crane to slowly take stacks of lumber off the ship, they simply tip the ship over and all of the timber comes sliding right off of the ship into the water!

Timber barge in Canada

It looks dangerous, and you may wonder if this is some sort of accident at first glance. After all, it looks like the ship is about to sink–but what happens with this Seaspan Survivor barge after that is pretty amazing.

Watch the video below. It’s remarkable to look at, and probably really fun to be on the barge when it happens.

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