Levi’s CJ Jeep Hot Rod

To celebrate the first Jeep CJ Levi’s Edition, the very enthusiastic Jeepers Club Milano has designed and built an exceptional machine.

Levis CJ Jeep Hotrod V8 front
It took months between the project idea and its realization. First of all the club has set a goal: to make a Jeep Hot Rod, then they studied the feasibility of the prototype, and then had to find technical solutions before starting the build of the CJ.

Everything had to be perfect and the Jeep Hot Rod had to be completely in the spirit of the Levi’s Jeep. The smallest details of design and finish had to be fully consistent with this Jeep Spirit so dear to club members. The colors, fabric, straps that hold the hood, visible screws, everything was done to make this thing a real masterpiece.

Levis CJ Jeep Hotrod V8 rear
Let’s see in detail how this exceptional vehicle was designed. The chassis comes from a Jeep CJ6 from the mid 60’s. It was cut to make it lower. Structural reinforcements were welded to obtain the necessary rigidity to the assembly. Both on the rear portion to support the spare wheel located at the back door and also on the front for receiving the V8 engine. Once assembled mechanically, everything has been cleaned, sanded and painted.

It has ventilated disc brakes with twin-piston calipers has. All the hydraulics are modified. Obviously, all the links have had to be tailor-made and wheel spacers machined to be able to receive the Jeep 6 nuts wheels. The suspension is also handcrafted and tailor-made, it is equipped with hydraulic dampers have been adapted.

Jeep Hot Rod Levis edition right side
A Dana 44 serves as an organ donor for this Jeep Hot Rod. Hubs, disc brakes and calipers. Everything is nicely implemented so it can be perfectly adapted to the rear axle. All the steering linkage is home made.

Girls and Jeep Hot Rod Levis edition
The front of the Levi’s Jeep is equipped with just one leaf spring taken from Ford model A. It is mounted upside-down.

Levis CJ Jeep Hotrod V8 motor
It was of utmost importance to keep the original CJ wheels. They’ve been polished and equipped with Cooper STT tires (35 inch size) The engine is a V8 of course. It’s a 5900 cc (360 ci) from a 1972 Jeep Wagoneer, completely revised of course. The gearbox is manual, model T176 from a 1980 Cherokee. Only one driveshaft though. It has only one drive shaft for the rear.

Front fenders have been removed, the windshield is lowered and the grille has also been adapted to follow the harmonious proportions and smooth lines of this Jeep CJ hot rod.

Jeep Hot Rod Levis edition
This unique vehicle is really exceptional and worthy of being a nice piece of collection! You can see JEEP Renegade Levi Edition original commercial video.

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