Jet Engine Strapped to Boat for Adrenaline Junkies

In the upper reaches of the mighty Shotover River, near Queenstown New Zealand, lies Skippers Canyon. Once the scene of an amazing Gold Rush discovery in the 1860’s, today you can have an adrenaline rush aboard one of these amazing jet boats.

Jet Boat New Zealand
Just getting there is a spectacular ride on its own! With breathtaking views and rugged terrain, getting there is half the adventure. Skipper Canyon Road was carved  by the gold miners by hand over 140 years ago. It is one of New Zealand’s most scenic roads, but it is so dangerous your rental car insurance won’t be honored if you drive down there.

The Boats
Originally developed by Mr. Bill Hamilton back in the ’50s to allow local farmers move freely around their huge sheep stations on the shallow New Zealand rivers, jet boating quickly became one of the most sought after activities amongst tourists in Queenstown.

Skipper Canyon Jet Boat
Skippers Canyon Jet which was custom built in Queenstown has been specifically designed to operate on the upper Shotover River. Constructed with heavy gauge aluminum the boats are designed for maximum strength and maneuverability.

Skipper Canyon Jet Boat New Zealand
A 420hp V8 engine drives a Kiwi invention, the Hamilton 212 jet unit pumping 25,000 liters of water per minute, rather than a propeller. The water jet is directed by the steering wheel, so there are no rudders either. This all means a speed of up to 80kph (50mph) in less than 8cm (3 inches) of water!

Fun Fact

  • This location was used in “The Fellowship Of The Ring” movie.
  • A ninety-one year old Englishman is the oldest customer to experience a Skippers Canyon Adventures jet boat ride on the Shotover River.

Watch the video below. You’ll scoot and slide in a boat hovering inches above the water and inches from menacing rocks. An adrenaline rush without being tied to a bungee cord.

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