Insane GSX-R1000 Powered VW Beetle Hot Rod

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When it comes to going fast, the elements of light weight and high horsepower are combined in many builds to come up with the ultimate concoction of speed.

Today, those elements come together quite nicely in a Volkswagen Beetle that quite honestly has us foaming at the mouth and ready to go for a ride.

Hudlow Axles 1967 VW Beetle Hot Rod
Meet the Hudlow Axles 1967 VW Beetle Hot Rod. Hudlow is a Georgia USA-based engineering shop specialising in fabricating custom axles and driveshafts for trucks, racing cars, and custom one-offs.

The best part of this Beetle, perhaps is where the power is coming from. A 1000cc GSX-R motorcycle engine is used to pump power to the wheels, calling for an interesting build. That’s 1000ccs, four cylinders, and tuned to develop 185bhp at 10,800rpm.

VW Beetle with a GSX-R1000 motorcycle Inline-Four
Weighing in at a scant 1,200 pounds and packing a close-ratio six-speed transmission, that’s more than enough for some slidey bad behaviour, and has the bonus of making an old-fashioned rat rod sound like something out of Star Wars.

The combination of low weight and a rev-hungry powerplant adds up to a ride that can frighten even the steeliest of drivers.

Hudlow Axles 1967 VW Beetle Hot Rod interior
Check out the wild ride in the video below as we get an in-depth tour of it and it zips around town and draws attention everywhere that it goes!

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