INSANE Drifting a 240Hp Suzuki Hayabusa

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Meet these wild Fins, the MAD Kuusaa crazy StreetFighter Group of Motorcycle builders from Finland who run a shop named Destroyer Customs.

StuntFreaksTeam consists of 9 riders, each one of them is on top of their sport in Scandinavia.

These are their insane drifting street bikes they have built and ride like they’re stolen! The outlaw motorcycle group are challenging the law and testing their machines in open traffic with great skill.

Their mission in life? Blazing rubber and riding their bikes hard as hell. And after they’ve had their fun, take things to the next level of course by super charging these deadly machines of beauty. Is it normal that we got tears of joy watching this video? I would love to see how many people go try to ride their bikes like this now.

This is a truly astonishing display of skill, so check the video below.

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