Inkas Sentry APC Puts All Other Armored SUVs to Shame

Armored vehicles: a luxury for some, a necessity for others. Whatever the case, deciding on the perfect armored SUV might be a bit easier with the Inkas Sentry APC.

Inkas, out of Ontario, Canada, has been building armored vehicles for a number of years. If you hand them over your Mercedes G-Class or Cadillac Escalade, they’ll assure that it comes out safer than a cow at a vegan restaurant. But the Sentry APC is the armored SUV that should be on your radar.

Inkas Sentry APC tactical vehicle
Capable of withstanding 7.62×51 SC ammunition, 7.62×51 M80 NATO Ball ammunition, or two DM51 hand-grenades, and tested to meet NIJ-STD-0108.01 Level III ballistic standards, it’s one of the safest vehicles money can buy.

Designed specially for use in SWAT and military situations, the Sentry has already been deployed in a number of countries by law enforcement across the globe. However in a civilian-grade package designed to be a daily driver.

Inkas Sentry APC armored vehicle
“This machine is unique in terms of technical specifications, design, and assembly,” said Major General David Fraser, Chief operating officer of Inkas. “We know how important it is to securely and comfortably transport the passengers within an APC in various challenging environments and have implemented the latest innovations to ensure this.”

Technically speaking, the APC is based on the reliable and sought-after Ford F-550 and it’s powered by a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8, capable of producing 362 horsepower and 750 pound-feet of torque, paired to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Some of the modern touches within the vehicle include an advanced air purifier system, powered door assistance, and an upgraded entertainment.

Inkas Sentry APC armored SUV
It also comes with a number of various features, including a powerful acoustic hailing and warning device, a removable vehicle-mounted barrier, and a durable body frame with high ballistic protection level.

Additional security integrations are available on request, which include features such as: night vision systems, protection from chemical weapons, 360-degree surveillance cameras with cloud recording, integrated access controls, and many more.

Inkas Sentry APC civilian tactical vehicle interior
Any civilian looking to purchase one of these armored SUVs will have to go through some red tape first, depending on local policies and regulations. Even then, the starting price is a lofty $350,000 CAD (approx. $260,000 USD), going up from there depending on options. Just one reminder; save enough coin to fill its 40-gallon tank.

Below is the video highlighting the civilian model with the sheer amount of protection, luxury, and capability baked into the design.

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