The Heat: 2-Story Luxury Home on Wheels

If you are looking for the true 5-Star Luxury Hotel feel on the road, “The Heat” RV by Anderson Mobile Estates is the trailer for you.

The Heat - luxurious RV
Everyone loves to travel, and why not? You get to see beautiful things and locations, enjoy unique experiences and find out new things about strange and different cultures. Aside from your traveling bags, cash and enthusiasm, you’ll probably need a rental car once you get there.

We usually go for the compact, for the obvious reasons, but what if we were to opt out for something slightly bigger?
Enter, The Heat.

The Heat - double decker luxurious RV
The brainchild of Anderson Mobile Estates, the Heat is a luxury RV; to be honest, this is an incredibly cool estate-on-wheels, specifically designed for rich executives and high-maintenance celebrities.

The Heat - luxurious motorhome interior
Official statements consider the Heat is the most luxurious RV, stealing the title from the $3 million eleMMent Palazzo Land Yacht.

This 2-story mansion looks and feels like a modern luxury home, including conference rooms, 24-hour video surveillance, big screen TVs and fancy guest rooms.

The Heat two-story luxurious motorhome
Let’s not ignore the stunning interior decorations that benefit from the world’s finest materials: leather, oak wood and marble. Eventually, traveling makes you hungry, and this is when your personal chef will make use of the full-size residential kitchen, equipped with the appliances and amenities needed to create gourmet dishes.

The Heat two-story motorhome second floor
The panoramic windows will add to the charm and unique dining experience, and allow guests to enjoy views of the beautiful outdoors – the flat screen TVs might come in handy if all that sounds boring; it doesn’t, at least to me.

Renting the Heat by Anderson Mobile Estates might not be affordable, but it’s one eccentric move that is worth every penny.

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