Hayabusa Powered by a Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket!!!

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We have already seen many modified bikes before, but we haven’t seen a bike like this Hayabusa that for sure is number one.

Drag racing is probably one of the most wasteful-yet-exciting forms of motorsports around. For those three and a half seconds, Top Fuel cars can go as fast as 300 mph and burn 5-6 gallons of high-octane fuel in 1/4 mile. But not all drag racing with liquid fuels is so wasteful.

This modified bike is propelled using a hydrogen peroxide rocket that spins the rear tire. Hydrogen Peroxide is an unstable molecule, being esientially a water molecule with a extra oxygen atom hanging on. Disturb it and the water molecule will happily fling off that pesky oxygen with considerable energy.This motorcycle is powered with the same thing that your mom uses to clean out your cuts.

And can you believe that this thing can reach 250 MPH and runs 1/4 mile in less than a 5.5 second? This Hayabusa with a hydrogen peroxide rocket engine blasts down the strip. It’s driven by a Frenchman named Francois Gissy, 31 years old bus driver nicknamed Mad Frenchman.

Press play below to see Francois Gissy make a run in his peroxide powered Hayabusa. Enjoy the video and share it with your friends.

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