Frame Off Restoration In Redneck Style

The truth is that there is no way to tell you what it will cost to fully restore your classic car.

To really do a good job of restoration, the body has to come off the frame.

The concept of the frame off restoration is exactly as it sounds. In such a restoration, the body must be lifted off of the frame so that every square inch of the car in question can be restored to its former glory.

redneck frame-off restoration
But when this redneck in what appears to be a lifted Jeep Comanche got a hold of that term, he had a different vision entirely as he decided to strap up his truck to a Chevrolet Malibu and take the frame off in an entirely different way to make things simple.

Check out the video below as one good yank has the body of this Chevy flying in the air! We wouldn’t recommend that you attempt this one at home.

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