The Flatmobile. 19 Inches Tall, Jet-Powered, Built By A Madman!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it the Batmobile? NO, IT’S THE FLATMOBILE!

The FLATMOBILE - The worlds lowest street legal car
Part Batmobile, part pancake, this street-legal car stands only 19 inches tall. Ground clearance is at a whopping 2 inches! At just 19 inches in height, the Flatmobile was at one time the world’s lowest street legal car (it was surpassed a few years back by the 17.79-inch-high Mirai).

This car is very interesting, you will be surprised to know that the car is powered by a jet engine that shoots 20 foot flames out of the rear, how do you think?

The Flatmobile jet powered lowest street car
The Flatmobile is based around a 1963 Hillman Imp and retains the stock 875cc engine, giving it a top speed of 70mph. The jet engine is fitted behind the internal combustion engine at the very rear of the car. It is a home built gas turbine jet engine based around a Holset 685 turbocharger from a Volvo FL10 truck. This jet engine takes the Flatmobile up to a top speed of 100mph – sounds like a breezy ride.

The Flatmobile
The Flatmobile was created by UK custom car builder Perry Watkins. It just so happens to be a replica of the Batmobile. Keeping with the Batmobile theme, he added a couple fins and 1959 Cadillac tail lamps, along with a cockpit divider and plenty of switches and gizmos, all the while keeping the height to a mere 19 inches.

The Flatmobile interior
Ground clearance is a claustrophobic 2.0 inches – about 1.5 inches lower than a NASCAR Sprint Cup racer – which means that a standard golf ball will barely roll beneath the car without interruption.

The Flatmobile rear top
This car has a modern and luxurious interior design; the seats are designed using high quality materials. Watkins designed a billet aluminum steering wheel and column that telescopes 15 inches to aid the driver’s access to the sharply reclined custom-built seat. The steering wheel is among the smallest ever installed in a car, measuring just six inches in diameter.

The Flatmobile seats
Do you want to try this car? You could probably park this thing under a large SUV at your local supermarket. It will be an unusual experience for you.

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