Ferrari World, $50 Billion Ultimate Petrol Heads Playground

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the world’s largest indoor and first Ferrari theme park. It was created in tribute to Ferrari’s passion, heritage, excellence, innovation and performance.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi features more than 20 rides and attractions designed to tell the Ferrari story in ways which will appeal to a broad audience of different ages and interests. From the world’s fastest roller coaster, to advanced racing simulators, driving and scenic experiences; families, children, thrill seekers and racing fans can all find and enjoy unforgettable experiences.

This complex required 12,370 tons of steel to create its structure, nearly double of that needed in the Eiffel tower. The Park has the largest space frame structure ever built, and it took 14 months just to clad the 200,000m2 roof uses enough aluminium to cover 16,750 Ferraris. Housed under a tent-like roof similar to the O2 Arena, this is the world’s biggest indoor theme park.
It is the size of a small English town and is icily air-conditioned, Thank God for that.

Attractions are broken up into three main categories including Family, Kids and Thrill. Each area and attraction in the Park brings to life a different part of the Ferrari story, from Cinema Maranello with its film about Enzo Ferrari to Formula Rossa capturing the speed, power and freedom of a F1™ car.

You can live your dream and drive around Yas Island behind the wheel of a Ferrari California. You’ll receive a lesson into how to drive the car from one of our trained pilots, and a Ferrari expert will be on hand to give you some insider tips.

Think the 599 GTO is the fastest Ferrari ever created? Well, it may be the fastest roadcar, but the Formula Rossa roller coaster promises even more power and that much more blinding acceleration.
Strap yourself into the F1 cockpit and hold on, as you blast away on the fastest roller coaster on the planet. After scaling heart-racing heights of 170 feet and with the adrenalin rush of 4.8Gs riding high you’ll accelerate to 150mph in just under 5 seconds. You’ll cross the finish feeling like a true Scuderia Ferrari champion.

Watch FIFTH GEAR examines Ferrari World in the video below.

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