Faraday Future Says Their 1,000 Horsepower Electric Supercar ‘FFZero1’ Is More Powerful Than Tesla’s

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The rumor mill was all the buzz in November of 2015 as Chinese upstart company Faraday Future released information and sketches of their first ever vehicle – an electric powered supercar. The company also boasted that their vehicle platform would be modular so that a wide array of cars, and even trucks, could share the fruits of their labors. Faraday Future, or FF, is backed by Chinese television and internet provider LeTV.

Show goers at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas were treated to the first public viewing of Faraday Future’s FFZer01 concept car. According to the information given by Richard Kim, FF’s Global Design Leader, many of the promises made by the Chinese backed company is coming true.  The quad motored super car will be able to produce just over 1,000 horsepower and will be able to reach a top speed of 200 miles an hour.

Spectators were also awed when they were informed that the driver of the FFZero1 would be fed oxygen and water from a helmet designed by the company as well. Specially designed “Aero Tunnels” cool the vehicle’s batteries and also help produce ample amounts of downforce to keep it plated to the ground.  Another amazing feature was the FFZero1’s steering wheel that allowed the insertion of any smartphone. The phone would then double as a navigation screen or even instrument readout.

FFZero1 Electiric Supercar
The FFZero1 was designed by none other than ex-Tesla employee Nick Sampson. Sampson now is Fararday’s Chief Designer and used floor time at the show to demonstrate how the Chinese auto manufacturer would incorporate its modular vehicle design with up to four electric motors, various amounts of battery packs, and an array of vehicle platforms. These innovations would give the company the ability to build cars and produce new designs much faster than the likes of Tesla.

Now we all know that many concept cars never see the light of day but this isn’t the case if you believe Faraday Future’s forecast. Audience members were told that the first FFZero1 would be ready to roll off the assembly line starting in two year’s time. The company announced plans to invest more than $1 billion dollars into it vehicle production plant, in Las Vegas, and to hire an additional 4,500 employees to help assemble their electric fleet.

Faraday Future FFZero1
Not everyone at CES was blown away by the reveal of the FFZero1.  Several automotive journalist claimed that Faraday was promising to deliver what everyone else was already doing. Scott Evans, an associate editor for MotorTrend tweeted these words “Faraday Future claims to be disrupting the industry and completely rethinking the car, but is promising stuff everyone else is doing,”

It seems a little too early in the FFZero1’s existence to judge Faraday Future just yet. The concept car is incredible and it would be great to see it in action on a racetrack or roadway but the company isn’t quite ready for that step.  Hopefully we will hear more about the Chinese backed FFZero1 and Tesla’s response to it very soon.

Will they launch the high powered electric supercar by 2018?  Only time will tell reveal that. You can check out the full reveal below.

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