Dodge Charger Daytona, Legendary Car with Iconic Look

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Dodge in mid-sixties launched Charger as answer to Ford Mustang, Plymouth Barracuda and AMC Marlin at american mid-size raising muscle cars market. First Charger generation shared components with the Coronet and still looked as Coronet.
In 1968, two years after Dodge Charger was launched, second gen model received various cosmetic changes. The engines were the same as the ones used in the 1967 Charger and Dodge started with production of Charger 500 model with more aerodynamic shape formed. It was a model that Dodge tried to enter the battle with Ford Torino Talladega and Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II on the NASCAR oval-track races. After being beaten in the first race Dodge was not satisfied with results, Charger 500 simply was not good enough to beat the other aero-cars and engineers knew that Charger body was going to need more aerodynamic parts to be competitive. After few months of research and development, they decided to throw a long aerodynamic nose at the front and a huge rear wing on a Dodge Charger.

Actually, they created limited edition version of the Dodge Charger, car with iconic look and performance – Charger Daytona. Equipped with a 440 CID Magnum engine Dodge Charger as a standard and 426 CID Hemi V8 engine as option Daytona was introduced on April 13, 1969.

There was a piece of pointed nose that lengthens the car for 18 inches into the front, which gives the wanted engineers downforce for the car. But they had problem with the rear end which still has tendency to lift at speed. Engineers put a large wind over the trunk lid to solve this problem and to give to the Charger Daytona nickname of wing cars. The height of the wing has been 23 inches. With that height, they prevent opening the trunk without hitting the bottom of the wing. The fenders and hood from 1970 Charger model were modified by engineers and they used them on the Daytona. The front fenders were modified in a way they engineers added facing scoops to the front, right over tires which imitates their NASCAR brothers. They gave a great look to the car and helped with the tire rub, but they were not helping with aerodynamic of the car.
Daytona cars had red, black and white lines, which were creating the name Daytona in the middle of the lines. Wings and lines had the same color. This Daytona cars proved to be so fast and better than other that NASCAR ban them (they ban all aero cars) for the season of 1971, because new regulation was brought which restricted all aero cars for a engine displacement instead of 7.0L (429 CID) to 5.0L (305 CID).

Only 503 Charger Daytona was ever been built and today they are highly valued models, 440-powered Daytonas reaching six-figure and 426 hemi-powered cars passing the $300,000.

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