Coyote Powered 1952 Ford F-1 For Ford Performance

The earlier and more compact F-1 pickups are still very popular, although some might find the ma bit uncomfortable to drive or enjoy.

1952 Ford F-1 front three quarter
Which is why this 1952 Ford F-1 Pickup by Warren Herreid from Minnestrista, Minnesota, has been modified to look cooler and act as such while keeping the driver smiling as he enjoys the comfort and the growl coming from under the hood.

Six inches may not seem like a whole lot in a number of situations, but when you add that half-foot to your typical ’40s-’50s half-ton cab, you’re adding in an element of comfort that oftentimes steers many a folk away from building/owning a classic truck in the first place. The real trick is doing it tastefully without creating a deformed-looking cab.

1952 Ford F-1 rear three quarter
Starting with an old military truck that, fortunately, came with an extra cab, Warren had Schwartz Performance in Woodstock, Illinois, handle the F-1’s transformation chores.

Custom 1952 Ford F-1 bed
The exterior sheet metal work shows off a shiny new look, while the cab has been stretched by adding a 6-inch hump to the rear but also lengthening the cab through the floor, doors, and roof sections, allowing the proportions to remain, well, proportionate.

They swapped the truck’s antiquated frame for their proprietary G-Machine chassis, featuring coil-over IFS with power rack and 13-inch Wilwood brakes. The 18-inch wheels mount 255/35R18 Michelins up front, and thanks to the narrowed 60-inch rearend, 12-inch wide rears fit a girthy 355/30R18.

1952 Ford F-1 custom interior
Another stipulation was that there was to be a Ford in this Ford. A fresh 5.0-liter Ford Performance Coyote DOHC four-valve V8, complemented by a Boss 302 intake system and custom stainless exhaust, was added to the mix to throw a few more horsepower into the project. The transmission is a Ford R70W with a Lokar shifter.

1952 Ford F-1 Boss 302 engine
A year and a half in the making, Warren’s F-1 is the perfect example of a successfully – and tastefully modernized classic truck function and form go hand-in-hand.

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