Cop4x4’s Kraken Jeep On 54’s Tires is a MONSTER

Camp Crocker, the owner of COP4X4, is infamous in the Jeep building industry for his one of a kind creations. “The Kraken” is a prime example of the unique type of builds created at Phoenix, Arizona’s COP4x4.

When purchasing a Jeep for a build, Camp has a few guidelines he follows. He prefers Jeeps to have around 130,000 miles and to be completely stock. Stock Jeeps are best. When creating the types of builds done at COP4x4, there is little to no room for error. Starting with stock Jeeps, COP4X4 doesn’t have to worry about the vehicle’s measurements and specs being compromised. The Jeep also needs to have the power package (locks and windows) and a hard top. Even with the high number of miles, most if not all of the drive train and many additional components will be updated when the build commences. Therefore, there is no advantage to start off with a lower mileage vehicle.


The motor of choice for this build was the 5.7 Hemi. Camp is known for dropping the 5.7 liter Hemi engine in his Jeeps. With that reputation, COP4x4 is one of the “go to” shops for those who are looking to drop a Hemi in their Jeep. The 350 HP motor was mated with a 545 RFE auto transmission.
This is just what a Jeep like the Kraken needs to keep cruising at 75-80 MPH down the freeway. Of course, at 9 MPG one might be a little more selective on how often the Jeep is driven. The transfer case was updated with one from a Rubicon. The lower gear ratio will be well utilized when off-roading. The rear axle was replaced with one from a Ford F-350 because the added strain from the 54’’ tires would have snapped the stock axles.

Equipped with 20×12 Fuel brand wheels and 19.5/54/20 Mickey Thompson tires, this monstrosity is illegal to drive in California because the frame is 14″ too high. However, it’s legal in Arizona. Luckily for Camp, he only visits California and doesn’t live there.
To compensate for the lift, the Kraken has a heavily modified Tereflex 6″ long-arm kit along with “TNT” custom front brackets as well as welded custom brackets for added third arm support. The Kraken also has a Tereflexheavy duty front steering system and assist ram.

When I asked Camp how difficult it was to drive this beast around, he replied “It drives and handles just like any other well-lifted Jeep”. I thought he was being sarcastic. However, he let me take it for a spin, and I have to say that it really isn’t that much different and handled remarkably well.  Now, some may feel like they are operating an “AT-AT Walker” (the walking robot from the Empire Strikes Back for all the readers who aren’t nerds) but this beautifully modified Jeep drives as smooth as a standard lifted Jeep.

Camp has been busy making the rounds by taking his latest and biggest creation to well known events like the Moab Jeep Safari and the TDS Jeep Safari. Being a big supporter of our military, the COP4X4 Kraken was also designated as the lead vehicle in a military escort that passed through Arizona.

If you have been wishing you could modify your Jeep, the COP4X4 team can surely make your dreams come true.

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