Chris “Teach” McNeil Do Amazing Things On A BMW S1000XR! You Will LOVE This Video

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Check this out – we bring you the best video of a BMW S1000XR that we’ve seen so far. It’s amazing and shows what the German bike can really do.

Champion freestyle motorcycle athlete Chris “Teach” McNeil shows us the fun way around the beautiful state of Maine in this latest clip, called “Elements.” It’s one part awe-inspiring, and one part inspiration.

The awe-inspiring part comes, of course, from seeing what “Teach” McNeil is able to make that BMW S1000XR do.

McNeil rips through nature’s elements, showcasing the unbelievable potential of the S1000XR on asphalt, dirt, rocks, rivers, logs and every other obstacle you can imagine and go inside the rider’s helmet for more perspective on how McNeil “Makes Life a Ride.”

“When I’m on the motorcycle, it can look like chaos… but inside my helmet I’m calm and focused,” says McNeil. “I feel alive when the revs come up and the clutch gets dropped. The rear tires starts spinning. Rev-limiter bouncing, tires smoking, rocks being thrown… I’m getting as close to that line of danger as I can.”

Though BMW is technically classifying the S 1000 XR as an “adventure sports” motorcycle, it’s a heavy bike nonetheless. In road ready form, the sporty ADV weighs in a 503 pounds–about twice as heavy as your average motocross bike. Additionally, Chris “Teach” McNeil’s S 1000 XR features a set of hard bags of a non-negligible weight. All things considered, this is a pretty impressive ride.

Quite simply, this video kicks backside. We love it. Pass the footage on people, your mate will love it too!

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