The Bulldog 4×4 Is a Beastly Go-Anywhere Fire Truck From Hell

The Bulldog 4×4 Extreme Brush Truck is based on the indestructible International 7400 4X4 platform and equipped with 54″ military Hemmit tires. This tank-like truck from hell can go anywhere to put out fires with a vengeance.

There many reasons of bowling extreme 4 by 4 firetruck has become the most sought-after fire truck on the market today. With features such as 54-inch military Heavy Expanded-Mobility Tactical Trucktires , lifted transfer case and 24 inches of ground clearance the Bulldog is able to traverse the toughest terrain, from stump dumps to deserts to heavily forested areas while carrying an incredible 2,000 gallons of water. Bulldogs are quickly becoming know for their versatility and proficiency fitting into all firefighting walls.

The Bulldog isn’t really meant for recreational purposes even though it sort of looks like a toy. It’s made for working in rough and rural areas where such a machine might be needed in disaster relief, heavy rescue, or wildland firefighting.

The 26,000-pound trucks measures 101″ wide x 120″ high x 300″ long and carries 80 gallons of diesel fuel to power its mission.

Growing in popularity and evolving to meet tomorrow’s needs, Bulldog sets the industry standards for all-terrain, off-road, multi-use fire trucks.

You don’t need an excuse to watch this off-road fire truck in action in the video below.

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