Budget Crate Engine from YearOne and Edelbrock Kick Out 400-plus Horsepower

If you’re too busy to tackle an engine project, don’t be discouraged. It’s a crate engine world these days – and with good reason. For most enthusiasts, powering their project with a crate engine saves time, money and hassle versus locating and rebuilding a suitable core powerplant.

YearOne has strengthened their ties with Edelbrock and the results of that marriage can be traced to a killer crate engine.

Nothing fancy here, just a good ’ol 357 small-block for peanuts that makes an even 400 hp and 400 lb-ft. YearOne is best known for making just about every restoration part imaginable for your classic Bow Tie, but the company also offers a line of value-oriented crate motors.
This 357 is a perfect example.
YearOne starts with a stock four-bolt block, bores it 0.040 over, and matches it up with a stock crank, rods, and a fresh set of 9.7:1 pistons. Keeping the cylinders full of air are aluminum heads and a dual-plane intake manifold. With a mild hydraulic roller cam actuating the valves, the combo puts out a solid 400 hp. The motor includes a timing cover, oil pan, balancer, and flexplate. Just slap on a water pump, carb, and distributor, and you’re good to go.


Engine Specifications:
* Horsepower: 400+
* Torque: 400+ ft/lbs
* Compression ratio: 9.7:1
* Includes 8″ balancer & 14″ flexplate
* Dyno sheet: Included with engine’s output
* Vacuum produced: 12hg @ 800RPM
* Recommended fuel: 92 octane
* Max recommended RPM- 5800
* Warranty: 24 mth/24,000 mi

Price:   $3,699

Keith Maney at YearOne offers us insight into this engine that kicks out 400-plus horsepower and comes with a validated dyno sheet. Think how it will look, sound and perform in your very own chevy.

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