Bosozoku Inspired 1977 Toyota Celica

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Bosozoku cars are not your ordinary family vehicles.

They are outrageous, loud, and colorful creations that defy the norms of conventional car culture. Bosozoku cars are inspired by the rebellious Japanese youth subculture of the same name, which emerged in the 1950s and peaked in the 1980s.

Bosozoku 1977 Toyota Celica long exhaust pipes
Bosozoku car owners modify their rides with exaggerated features such as huge exhaust pipes, massive spoilers, long front splitters, and flashy paint jobs. They also adorn their cars with slogans, flags, and stickers that express their individuality and defiance.

Bosozoku cars are meant to shock, amuse, and annoy the mainstream society and the authorities. They are also a way of having fun and expressing creativity in a rigid and conformist society. Bosozoku cars are not only limited to Japan, but have also spread to other countries where enthusiasts admire their unique and outrageous style.

Bosozoku 1977 Toyota Celica
This classic 1977 Toyota Celica Liftback which has been modified by the owner in the oddball Japanese “bosozoku” style.

It sports massive exhaust pipes which are hilariously loud and tacky, a tiny engine putting out 100hp (on a good day), and classic looks that will make you drop your jaw, either from laughter or from excitement.

Bosozoku 1977 Toyota Celica engine
This Toyota Celica Bosozoku car is not for everyone, but it is certainly unforgettable. Check it out!

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