Amazing Candy Blue 1955 Chevy Street Truck

Prepare yourself truck lovers, because you’ll be drooling over this 1955 Chevy truck.

YouTuber, ScottieDTV always seems to come up with some of the most amazing rides and this time we check out a 1955 Chevrolet pickup truck that’s absolutely astonishing.

Candy Blue 1955 Chevrolet Street Truck
This pickup truck that the owner had acquired for free from his son, transformed the barn find of sorts into something that just about anybody would be proud to call their own. Well, he did quite a good job!

With a little bit of custom work and lots of craftsmanship, this rig comes together to impress through and through and make heads turn everywhere that it goes. The truck is just fantastic and we don’t know if you’re with us in this but, the color is a real mind blower.

1955 Chevrolet Street truck with a whiskey barrel in its bed
Under the hood if this truck lays a LT1 so, yes, this truck is anything but slow. We’re pretty sure you’ll love the sounds of the engine, too!

It’s a nice and clean truck but what we truly dig about it is the whisky barrel. It’s put in the bed that was designed to hold the air ride equipment! Pretty cool, huh?

Candy Blue 1955 Chevrolet street truck interior
If Scottie D is reviewing a car you know than you can immediately assume that you are in for an ultimate automotive treat. At this truck you can find art and functionality in one package. What’s not to like?

Check out the ride from top to bottom in the video below and tell us what you think of this pickup that has obviously had a good bit of attention paid in bringing it all together.

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