5 Most Complicated Engines Ever Made

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Lancia ECV
The valves are arranged in crossed formation so that each side of cylinder-head alternates inlet and exhausts valves. Therefore, there is an exhausts manifold, connected to each cylinder via one exhaust-valve, on each side of the cylinder head. The inlet ports are connected to a central vertical manifold. Gas-flows were three (two lateral – Exhausts, and one vertical – Intake), this head was named TRIFLUX.
1759 cm2 / 106,9 cui, Line 4, 591 hp and 540 Nm / 398 ft-lb

The pushrod 1500S engine was just a tweaked VW power plant. The result was the Type 547 engine, an incredible complicated roller-bearing equipped quad-cam. These first four-cam engines took a skilled man 120 hours to assemble a complete engine, and the timing alone could take eight hours – sometimes fifteen if tolerances weren’t just right.
1587 cm3, 4 cylinders, Flat, 113.5 bhp and 100 ft.lb

Volkswagen W8
Volkswagen is famous for using strange but quite brilliant engine designs, a W8 was no exception. Using some parts of the narrow-angle VR5 and VR6 engines, the W8 was compact 4-liter best describe as a flat plane crank V8 engine combining two narrow-angle (15 degrees) VR4 engine blocks using a common crankshaft.
4 litre, 3999 cm3, W8 engine, 271 hp and 273 ft.lb

Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Coupe Cadillac 8-6-4
These engines are easily identified by their rocker covers, which each have elevated sections over 2 cylinders with electrical connectors on top. With the valves closed the cylinders acted as air-springs, which both eliminated the fell of “missing” and kept the cylinders warm for instant combustion upon reactivation. Simultaneously, the engine control module would reduce the amount of fuel metered through the TBI unit.
6036 cm3 / 368.6 ci, V8 engine producing 140 hp and 265 ft.lb

There’s a number of radial engined choppers out there but none are as crazy as the Megola with its front wheel mounted radial engine. It had to be started on stand with the front wheel up because the 14 hp motor applied power directly to the wheel.

Bonus – Buick Straight 8
It is not so complicated like other engines, but it is one of my favorites.
260 ci, 124 hp at 3600 rpm. Look at that beauty!

Watch the video below.

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