4,000 Horses Proved Too Much For This Corvette

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This drag race features a 4,000 horsepower Corvette and the world’s most useless wheelie bar.

At the start of the race, the car on the left has to hit the brakes early to get his front end down and looks to have lost the race, only a moment later the Corvette gets air of its own.

4000 HP Corvette drag car
Whatever caused the ‘Vette to lift off at this point didn’t give the driver much time to react. By the time he hits the brakes, all four wheels are off the ground and he is along for the ride.

Twin-turbo 4000 HP Corvette drag car
Luckily, the front end breaks off and he comes back down on the wheels. Had it not, he likely would have continued flipping and landed on his roof.

Had this twin-turbo Vette managed to complete its run, it would have easily covered the standing 1/4 mile in less than 4 seconds and over 200mph, as it’s done on previous occasions.

4000 horses twin-turbo Corvette
The driver was able to walk away from the crash but the car lay twisted on the track until they could load it up on a flatbed.
Whatever the reason, we’re glad this crash was just spectacular instead of tragic.

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