1949 Mercury Coupe – Custom Defined

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The key to the Mercury’s emblematic stature is, of course, the altered aspect—i.e., it’s chopped top. Many have attempted this massive maneuver; many have failed.

Ain’t nothin’ worse than a bad haircut, whether follicular or metallurgical. That’s what rodder Bill Springer found out when rescuing a ’49 Merc with a bad chop.

1949 Mercury Coupe custom
After summoning the help of a talented metal bender, this Merc was transformed into the low slung sled glistening before you. We could sit and stare at this beauty all day!

Many a ’49-’51 Mercs have gone AWOL when a builder wound up over their head trying to get a chop right. Nailing the proportions from every angle is tough and even harder when starting with someone else’s mistakes. That was the conundrum for Riverside, CA based builder Matt Townsend when Springer dropped off this ’49 rescued from the automotive barber shop from hell.

1949 Mercury Coupe chopping top
First thing Townsend did was cut the roof off the car and re-positioned it to get everything lined up. The angled B-pillars had to be fabricated from scratch in addition to the usual massaging of door cutouts and front and rear glass.

After the bones of the car were shored up, the guys delicately laid on some jewelry without goin’ all David Lee Roth. The body is smoothed and shaved with frenched headlights, DeSoto grille teeth and handmade tail lights molded into the rear bumper guards.

1949 Mercury Coupe custom chopped top
Power is provided via a small-block Chevy 350/Turbo 350 automatic and a slush box and rolls on Fatman suspension bits, Firestone airbag system and Caddy hubcaps and wide whites. Nothing fancy—aside from the detailing, that is—but everything does just what it’s intended to do … regularly and reliably.

1949 Mercury Coupe custom interior
Inside, the oxblood and cream interior stitched by Dan Miller is thankfully more deco than billet. Be sure and check out the VERY cool door panels and court jester hat shifter knob.

1949 Mercury Coupe custom lowered and chopped
The best part is this ’49 was sorted out and saved. Kudos to Springer and his cast of characters for bringing this old Merc back to life.

1949 Mercury Coupe custom top front

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