A 100+ Year Old Hot Rod – Sensational JAP V8-Powered GN Aero Cycle Car

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Meet Richard Scaldwell and his stunning 1908 V8 Powered GN JAP Aero.

This 100+ year old GN cycle car is powered by nearly as ancient JAP (JA Prestwich) V8 that was used in early airplanes. It is an amazing combo of things that pretty much do not exist anymore.

What many people find to be the most amazing part of the car is the air cooled V8 JAP engine. One of the main reasons why the engine is so lovely to look at is the fact that everything, you’d expect to be inside, is actually outside on display. The camshaft is completely exposed with its lever type followers and pushrods. The cam, the rockers and the timing gears are oiled with an oil can before running.

305 ci JAP motor
You are looking at a piece that is in a league by itself. The owner and operator of this thing is Richard Scaldwell. One of the most telling lines is that the engine in this car may be the last running one on the planet because the rest of them are in museums or collections and just sits there collecting dust.

GN JAP V8 aero
The car as it exists today still runs tiny 400 x 19 inch wheels and tires, but weighs only 1039 pounds complete, so with the lazy 305 c.i. low-compression engine running quite happily up to 2500 rpm with the high gearing, the performance is quite remarkable.

GN JAP V8 Aero on the track
It is extremely responsive to the throttle and all cornering is conducted sideways because of the solid rear axle, drifting beautifully as it was designed to do. It looks a handful but is really a delightful predictable pussycat!

It is neat to hear Scaldwell talk about driving the car and how responsive and connected he feels in it.

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