100% Kick Butt Wide Body Dodge Charger by Kindig It Design

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The guys at Kindig It Design shop have done a tremendous custom job on a 2006 Dodge Charger for a lady customer with so much attention to details that we can only call this ride a 100% show stopper.

Kelly’s Dodge Charger rocks an awesome wide body kit coated in flawless Black paint set on air ride suspension spinning a massive 24-inch Forged Modular Edition wheels.

The suicide doors are something we have all seen done on many custom built cars, but this 4-door Charger have’em all the way around and that certainly is something new.

The interior is also totally off the hook with so many custom touches, but what’s all that without some serious power under the hood? Don’t worry…the Kindig It Design Wide Body 2006 Charger packs a Supercharged 6.1 HEMI V8 pushing 700 horsepower.

See Dave Kindig demonstrating the work done to this Killer 2006 Charger.

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