One More “Survivor”: Low-Mileage 1969 Boss 429, Rare “S” Code

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Rare 1969 Boss 429 Mustang “S” Code with only 15,000 miles was found in a warehouse in Pennsylvania by Rick Parker of Signature Auto Classics.

rare find 1969 Boss 429 with only 15000 miles
In 1969, the first year of Boss 429 production, there were only 859 cars produced, according to the Boss 429 Registry.
The first 279 were S-codes. They have magnesium valve covers. They have a bigger connecting rod, and then after Ford went through those first 279 cars they realized they didn’t need all that on a regular street motor.

The origin of the Boss 429 came about as a result of Ford’s desire to compete in the top NASCAR series.
Ford was seeking to develop a engine that could compete with the famed 426 Hemi winged warriors from the Mopar camp – the 426 Hemi Charger Daytona and the Plymouth Superbirds. At the time, NASCAR required that at least 500 cars be fitted with the competition motor and sold to the general public.

1969 Boss 429 motor
These very special cars were given NASCAR identification that was placed on the driver’s side door. Each car was given a “KK” number which stood for Kar Kraft and all cars after KK#1480 no longer had the much more desirable “S code” engine.

rare find 1969 Boss 429 with only 15000 miles on odometer
Rick discover that this car have number KK1470 – a Boss 429 that was early enough to be an S-code. He considers the S-code Boss 429 to be the most desirable of the 1969-1970 Boss 429s. This 1969 BOSS 429 is a true survivor being one of only 859 Boss 429’s produced. Even more, one of the 279 “S” Code ever produced.

1969 Boss 429 interior
The Mustang was rust free and complete and the interior was in excellent original condition, just needing a thorough cleaning. Back in Ohio at his shop, Rick said his biggest expense has been soap and water, because his plan is to “clean this car and enjoy it.”

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