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There is a great deal of work and energy that goes into creating a classic lowrider.

classic lowriders lineup
The process involves changing the suspension so that the vehicle is lowered. It is closer to the ground than what the vehicle was factory specified for. This process began in the 1960s and it is still a very popular type of vehicle today. A few classic car liquidators specialize in lowriders, rat rods and wholesale classic cars to the public. If you can find a wholesale classic car dealer who will liquidate to the public, call them.

classic chevrolet lowrider
While just about any vehicle can really be turned into a lowrider, there are certain vehicles that have been a perfect fit for the modification. Some of the most common cars that are turned into lowriders belong to the Chevy lineup of vehicles. The Impala was one of the first vehicles that was commonly seen as a lowrider. Along with it, the Monte Carlo also experienced quite a growth in this direction. The classic El Camino is a model that seems perfectly suited to the lowrider design. The El Camino is already a very unique-looking car and turning one into a lowrider only doubles the cool factor.

The wholesale cost of a lowrider can run into the thousands of dollars. However, those that enter various lowrider competitions find it is worth it. They are able to win prizes including money and trophies. Some of the best lowriders even have sponsors, so they are able to liquidate classics as income and get funds to invest in making the lowrider better than ever.

1952 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe lowrider
Lowriders sometimes draw a strange glance when you take them on the street. They used to be stereotyped as vehicles used by young gang members and thugs. The reality of it, though, is that people of all races and backgrounds love the challenge and fun that a lowrider offers. They enjoy working on them and allowing their imagination to come to life before their eyes. They seem to inspire the imagination in finding ways to make each lowrider a unique vehicle.

Along with technology, lowriders have more guts than they ever did. The suspension can be modified to make it low, but hydraulics can be used to raise it up again. There are plenty of old car shows for classic lowriders where they are displayed for their paint jobs, the bling that is added to the interior, and hopping contests. The fun never seems to end, so if you haven’t gone to a lowrider show you should find one to check out.

Cadillac Lowrider
Check out another Cadillac lowrider: 1966 Cadillac Coupe DeVille nicknamed Ursala.

Even if lowriders aren’t your ideal type of vehicle, you have to admit the vision of them offers something very different than what car wholesale manufacturers offer. It provides consumers with a way to be able to customize their vehicle, to make it everything they want. They are able to break away from the norms of society, and to enjoy something unique and spectacular.

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