Watch Train Slams Into Tractor-Trailer That Is Stuck On The Tracks

Not a good day for a semi-truck carrying candy in Locust Grove, GA. The truck gets stuck on train tracks when a train then comes along and plows right through it.

The crash happened on Highway 42 and Bowden Road, near City Hall in downtown Locust Grove, Georgia. Luckily no one was injured.

Police said the truck driver ignored a “Low Ground Clearance” sign by the railroad tracks, and then proceeded to get trapped in the path of the freight train. The vehicle was not able to exit the tracks in time, but the driver was able to leave the vehicle before the train approached. The train split the tractor-trailer in two but the train itself sustained minimal damage.

As the crossing was not legally allowed to handle trucks, police will be issuing the driver a citation. They said the intersection is clearly marked as a hazard for trucks. “There’s no way they can fit over it, but they try it all the time,” said Officer B. Fornal at the scene of the crash. “We’ll cite them, and we’ve got to get the wrecker service out here.”

According to a woman who lives next to the Bowden Street crossing for nearly 40 years, trucks get stuck on the crossing once or twice a month.

Kelli Nichols captured incredible video of the moment the tractor-trailer was hit by an oncoming double stacked freight train.

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