Watch How Granny Drive 900hp Corvette, Hits 120mph And Does A Burnout

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You’re never too old for a good burnout. This 70-year-old grandma took her nephew C7 Corvette out for a spin on the streets!

YouTuber Cleetus McFarland decided to lend his boosted 900hp ‘Vette to his grandma, ensuring she got comfortable with the beast before the hooning kicked off. The vlogger took the process literally, adding some hefty seat padding in the form of a pillow or two.

Mixing a clutch with the level of power would’ve been enough of a challenge for the senior driver, so why not throw in some extra spice? There’s the burnout we mentioned in the title above.

The world wide web is loaded with clips of such stunts that end up generating clutch, instead of rubber smoke and the newfound output of the Corvette doesn’t make things easy for the one behind the steering wheel.

That car has some SERIOUS bald eagles under the hood, and she was not afraid to put them to use. It definitely takes some guts to put your foot to the floor in a car like that.
Thankfully, the Corvette comes out in one piece (and so does Cleetus and his grandmother) and grandma has reached her goal of 120mph and has also showed us some nice little burnout action. Looks like this grandma had a great time burning tires in this 900hp F1-A ProCharged C7!

If you thought one granny driving a C7 was cool, wait until you see two grannies drive a Lambo!

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