TVR Is Back! Meet The TVR Griffith, V8-Powered 200mph Supercar

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Intense paint, loud exhaust and awesome styling. Definitely a TVR then.

TVR is back. The all-new Griffith, unveiled a few months back, will spearhead the legendary carmaker’s return to the supercar fraternity. Its striking design takes inspiration from the original TVR Griffith, but adopts more advanced aerodynamics to boost performance. All TVRs share a DNA that means great looks, great sound and great performance.

It features a Cosworth modified Ford Coyote 5.0-litre V8 engine producing 500 hp (373 kW; 507 PS), double wishbone suspension with adjustable coilover dampers, a carbon fibre ground effect chassis. In traditional TVR form the new Griffith is manual only, with Tremec supplying a beefy 6-Speed manual, making it a proper driver’s car but includes ABS, power steering and traction control as standard in order to handle the high power output and keep the car stable at high speeds.

TVR Griffith front left
The extensive use of carbon fibre helps save weight. With a dry weight of 2,756 lb (1,250kg), the new car is tantalisingly light, and boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 400bhp-per-tonne. This should thrust the Griffith into full-bore supercar territory, where forward motion begins to turn surreal: the new Griffith boasts a top speed of over 200mph, 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds, 0-100mph in six and a bit seconds surreal, thanks in part to the 700lb-ft of max torque.
Put together, these attributes can be described as quirky, eccentric even, distinctly British but always fast, always noisy, always TVR.

The braking system uses six-piston aluminium calipers and two-piece 370mm diameter ventilated discs upfront, four-piston ally calipers and two-piece 350mm vented discs at the rear. Note also that TVR has determined to keep the car agile and alert to the driver’s command by keeping the rubber relatively modest: 275/30 tyres on 20in rims at the rear, 235/35 on 19s at the front.

TVR Griffith rear right
Inside the car, a driver-focused setup is kept in mind with a digital instrument cluster providing useful information and minimum controls present on the steering wheel and dashboard. Air conditioning, leather interior trim and multimedia system come as standard as well.

New TVR Griffith interior
TVR will produce 500 Launch Edition Griffiths, offered with extra specification for slightly under the £90,000 ($122.000) list price. Production is scheduled for late 2018 with first deliveries expected early 2019.

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