Turbo GMC Sierra Humiliates Ferrari 458 Italia In Street Race

Is this yet another case of “Sleepers”, those modest looking cars which are actually dressed to kill?

Ferrari 458 Italia looks unbeatable in a drag race, but this turbocharged GMC Sierra has succeeded to defeat it in the street race during a 30-150 mph sprint. As I mention above, “sleepers” are vehicles that look innocuous, but can pack devastating power and performance.

Ferrari`s driver will definitely remember this night for a long time! Besides the awesome overtake, you can also enjoy the magnificent sounds these two mighty vehicles produce! The thing is, you can actually hear the Ferrari`s machine after the turbocharged Sierra overtakes the tuned 458 Italia! That`s how loud it is!

Ferrari 458 Italia runs on 4.5-liters V8 delivering 570 hp, accelerating from zero to 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and reaching maximum speed of 202 mph. If we should be honest, there is some fun in seeing defeated Ferrari after a street race with GMC.

Not only does the truck leave the supercar trailing in its wake, but it manages to put an amusing distance between them. Let’s not underestimate the power of turbo chargers.

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