Truck Driver Hits Infamous Low Bridge aka ‘Can Opener’

If you happen to be a truck driver and ever come across this Massachusetts bridge you might want to do your best to slam on the brakes!

The East Street Bridge is well-known to people in the small town of Westwood, but apparently it’s not well known to truck drivers. That’s because trucks slam into the low-lying bridge frequently, and yet, it keeps happening.

Notorious bridge in Massachusets claims new victim

This time, we watch in suspense as another truck approaches the bridge and gets its cargo decapitated by the low hanging structure, putting another end to what was probably otherwise a good day.

If you aren’t familiar with the structure, this 8’11” bridge is quite infamous for taking out truck after truck and for some reason the problem just never seems to get fixed.

Check out the video below as the box truck slams into the bridge and deteriorates right in front of our eyes. We think this bridge is in need of a bright neon sign indicating its evil tendencies.

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