Tripped Out: Hoons Drift Through An Abandoned Soviet Missile Base

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Professional drifters Ryan Tuerck, Kristaps Bluss and Matt Powers ripped through this Latvian base leaving great clouds of tire smoke curling elevenses among the weeds in the pavement.

drifting inside a former soviet missile base
Donut Media took to an empty Soviet military installation in Latvia to film those three drivers seamlessly sliding about in three different purpose-built drift cars. Their transportation of choice?

The cars used for this Gymkhana-style drifting flick include an 800hp supercharged BMW M3 (E92) driven by Ryan Tuerck, a 950hp supercharged BMW M3 (E46) driven by Kristaps Bluss and a twin turbo Nissan 350Z driven by Matt Powers.

drifting through an abandoned soviet missile base
In the video, the three drifters can be seen thrashing their cars around the missile base’s concrete ground. They fly by massive piles of chopped logs, drift around huge sculptures, and even find the time for a brief lunch. It’s everything you could ask for.

three drifters in abandoned soviet missile base in Latvia
But since the missile base they visited hasn’t been used in years, the roads are a far cry from the well-maintained tracks you’d see in a typical drifting event. If you didn’t know any better, you might even think this is supposed to be a rally video.

It’s a crazy three minutes of almost-non-stop drifting. Now, stop reading this and watch the damn thing.

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