Tallest Truck in the World – Sick Lifted HIGH ALTITUDE!

This is technically the tallest truck in the World, it`s called “High Altitude”, and it can really take you to the whole new level, literally.

This truck was inspired by the early `90, when everybody picked their truck bed on the lift. Scissor body lift is quite a simple construction, which permits to raise body as high as possible. It`s important to mention, than to drive this thing in upper position is totally impossible. But when you stuck in the traffic jam, you can always take a look forward. So what`s this “High Altitude” is about? From stock truck it has only the body, transmission and engine, all this stuff being installed on custom chassis. The base truck is 1949 Studebaker, and he`s a pretty good keeped. This Monster is equipped with 454 Chevy engine tuned up.

The 454 engine is V8 7.4 liter Big Block, and with tuned intake, valves it can give about 500 horsepower. To charge those Big Foot Wheels are used 2.5 tons military axels. Studebaker has military roots itself, and this probably, one of the best truck to be customized. Well, you are definitely interested how this device works to raise the body at such big height. It`s the very simple technology, scissor lift with a pneumatic piston. To lift the body, you must activate this device from remote control. Yes, you must get out of the truck. I was thinking about benefits of having this scissor-lift in the car, and I understood, that this machinery is a really handy thing. Once you lift up the body you have access to the engine, tranny and axles. If some of frame-based Range Rover Sport owners are reading this – think about installing this lift in your car, because you pay a lot for your maintenance, just because mechanics are used to take off the body. This lift will definitely save your money.

Let`s summarize. We have some really tough truck, the tallest one, for sure. You know, Folks, this truck has its own charm, so if this scissor lift would be removed, this wouldn`t affect this truck`s flow. It`s a real “High Altitude” to customize the 1949 Studebaker truck. Seriously, guys, you must have so much passion to do this, to give this old-man new life, to make everyone to admire this mechanical beast. This ride will leave no one indifferent, either you hate it or you love it.

It`s not for speed, not for travelling; it`s for fun! At least we can give the builder points for building something unique, right?
Check out the gigantic machine in the video below… let’s just say that taking the stairs would no longer be an option!

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