South African Man With No Mechanical Experience Builds Car From Scratch… By Hand

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Moses Ngobeni, an electrical engineer from South Africa has always dreamed of owning a sports car.  So he decided to take matters into his own hands and build one by hand.

Moses, who has no mechanical experience whatsoever, spent three years building the car he had dreamt of, from scratch, using parts from a range of different vehicles. Moses said: “When I was still a boy at the age of seven, something came to my mind saying: ‘One day I’m going to build my own sports vehicle.’“

He built his car entirely without the help of proper tools or equipment. He used an ordinary pole bender and even his bare hands to twist pieces of metal into shape to build the frame of the body and the chassis. Now that is quite admirable, as even some of the best builders out there would struggle without having access to such tools.

The front lights are from an Audi TT coupé he owned, for the rear end he used 2015 Nissan GTR Skyline tail-lights. Even the windows on the custom-build have been sourced from a range of cars including a Mazda 323 from the mid 80s.

The car boasts a 2-litre engine from a BMW 318is 1998 model and is able to reach a top speed of 155 mph. The sports car runs on 18-inch tyres and is fitted with airbags.

Despite its low-tech build, the car has an array of high-tech gadgets including an on-board computer system and keyless ignition that allows him to star the car from his phone. It also automatically starts its engine when the battery is running low. Fancy.

Building the car cost Moses around $12,500.
Moses, we salute you. You truly are a legendary car enthusiast!

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