Ram Minotaur Is The Most Aggressive Truck You Can Buy From A Dealership!

This truck conversion gets its name from the mythological monster, Minotaur. In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was an animal that was part bull and part man. But, this truck is no myth.

In Prefix Corp’s. Auburn Hills, Michigan-based shop, Minotaur is presently slang for a Ram infused with Baja impact intended to creep or jump over anything in its way. It’s the real deal, with impressive off-road capabilities and high-speed highway performance.

Better known for their association with the Viper, the people at Prefix are presently bouncing into the substantial obligation rough terrain truck world. Each Minotaur begins life as a base Ram pickup before being changed over into a Greek-mythology impacted ridge jumper.

The Ram truck family has a reputation for delivering awe-inspiring pick-up trucks with robust exteriors, powerful engines, and impressive towing and payload capabilities. The Ram truck family has done it again with the head-turning Ram Minotaur pick-up truck. The Ram 1500 Minotaur is equipped with custom features that are perfect for the off-road enthusiast, or for anyone who is looking for something a little extra on their next pick-up truck.

Although the Minotaur conversion was engineered from the same Baja racing heritage found in championship desert race trucks, it’s those same characteristics that make it ideal as a daily driver. This highly engineered suspension system improves the overall vehicle stance for greater handling and stability at high speeds on the street, yet provides impressive off-road capabilities.

Going way beyond a simple lift-kit, Minotaur uses the race-proven KORE® Tactical Series suspension with custom designed FOX® 3” internal bypass racing shocks, providing the truck with a massive 14-inches of suspension travel. The 4-inches of lift gives the 35-inch all-terrain tires ample clearance and provides a remarkable approach angle of 41 degrees, and departure angle of 30 degrees.

Prefix provides a tasteful list of optional features to allow buyers additional personalization, including performance upgrades like a supercharger and/or 6.4-liter 392 engine swap. The Prefix paint facility (which also paints every Dodge Viper in production) even offers an option of painting Minotaurs in any color custom color you can imagine.

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