THIS IS NUTS…Truck Going Nearly Vertical

Motor vehicles are designed to run over flat surfaces, yet there are those that defy their purpose and pull off something almost impossible.

We have seen off-road vehicles do some entirely astonishing things, but this truck puts on a show that will really grab your attention since it practically defies physics.

This pickup truck achieved an incredible feat when it attempted to climb up an almost vertical rock that spells out rollover pretty clearly in big and bold letters.

The truck climbs the rocky surface until the point that it is practically standing straight up. The driver of the pickup inches near to what appears to be a absolutely vertical surface and then mats the gas. He pulls out some type of superhuman ability and continues along the climb those rocks like nothing was out of the ordinary. At this point I expected the truck to flip over onto its roof, but the grip on the front tires was powerful enough to yank the truck up on top of the rock.  Amazing.

Usually videos like this end in hilarious crashes, but it was cool to see someone actually pull off a crazy stunt for once.

Check out the truck below scaling this unlikely wall and making it all the way to the top. This one might just make your jaw drop to the floor.

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