NASTY 800HP 1951 Chevy Deluxe Coupe Rat Rod “MR. JUNK”

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Rough looking, nicknamed “Mr. Junk”, this 1951 Chevrolet Deluxe Coupe looks as if it was picked straight from the junkyard, but actually is one hell of a custom-built ride. That truly isn’t a piece of junk whatsoever.

Mr. Junk might look like an absolute wreck at a quick glance, but upon a closer look, this patina-clad rat rod is one of the coolest cars we’ve seen. At first sight, this thing looks weird but when you look inside of it, is like a different world.

The owner’s goal was to build a car that looked ugly on the outside but classy on the inside. And he was right, the inside of Mr. Junk is surreal.
Plush and comfy, the tweed headliner and maroon seats, stemming from a late model Pontiac Grand Am, make Mr. Junk look so elegant. Taking it up a notch, the custom dash will awe those who sit in it.

The tilt steering column came off a Cadillac and the awkward brake pedal is positioned where it is because the master cylinder is welded to the frame, forcing it to come up through the floor.

This nasty looking rat rod is chopped, tubed, it has tons of suspension and performance upgrades. Check out the car inside and prepare to be amazed at the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into making this ride the ultimate old school set of wheels.

Under the hood (or what’s left of the hood) rests a custom-built 555 cubic-inch engine with a Dart block, with dual 1150 cfm carburetors, pushing 800 horsepower and 758 lb-ft of torque at 5,700 rpm. Custom headers, custom… well, really you name it, and it’s been rebuilt and customized. What’s more, the owner said TCI built a custom two-speed power glide transmission just for Mr. Junk. A sweet air ride system gives Mr. Junk the ability to ride at any height the user feels is right.

It’s a sight to see, so check it out in the video down below.

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